Thursday, September 17, 2009


Middle Tennessee got a good dose of rain today. There was some flooding over in Cookeville which is about 30 miles away. So I decided to work in the studio and actually do pottery. I extruded some square tube that I am going to try and make bowls out of. And I did some coil-throwing as you can see below. I tried using a fan and a light blub to stiffen up the clay instead of my usual weed burner. It seems to be a gentler way. The weed burner brutalizes the clay.

The other task was to check the kiln's temperature readings versus my pyrometer. As expected it showed that the kiln is reading cooler than it should. It was colder by 20 to 30 degrees. So it over fires by about a cone at cone 6. So now I can calibrate the controller. I made up some cone packs for that.

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  1. Rain, as good a reason as any to get in there and throw stuff.