Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Close, but no cigar

The gas company's contractor and installed the new flow suppression device. I was banging away on my computer when I heard the backhoe.

The device is really nothing more than a spring and a ball. In the small one that was in there, you can blow into the end and make it close.

The scale of the photos distorts the difference in size. The new one is about 4 times as large. You can blow yourself blue; you won't get this one to close.

I was curious about how they connect the pipe. It is welded using "irons" that they heat to about 450 degrees.

They have mechanical guides the bring the pipe together once they apply the heat to it. Makes sense, just never seen it done before.

The whole process of changing out the device took less than an hour.

After they had the new device installed, I fired up the burners for another test. No shut down, but it still is not developing they pressure I want. My guess is that we have the kiln piping undersized and are not getting the flow needed. The gas company is coming out next week with pressure gages and we are going to troubleshoot the system. I think I will run some numbers and give Ward Burners a call.

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