Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't pay the ransom!

I have escaped from the kidnappers! Okay, maybe I wasn't kidnapped. I just haven't been posting.

First, congratulations to "Hoosier Mama" and her first firing of her new salt kiln. It was also her first firing of a gas kiln! Way to go - be sure to check out her blog Hoosier Mama Now to see her results

Despite the lack of posts, progress is being made and I am getting a hazy view of the end. I completed the arch support and my friend Steve took my drawings and fabricated the kiln's steel work.

The arch support is rather simple construction, just some OSB and 2x4 cross members.

I found some fiberboard at Loews that was $7 for a 4'x8' sheet.

I clamped it on, traced the shape and cut it with my trusty jig saw.

This is the finished support ready to put in the kiln.

Here is the steel work fitted onto the kiln.

This is an outside view of the arch constraints.

And here is an end view of the skew bricks, the backing bricks and the steel constraints.

Steve also did a great job of fabricating the burner supports. I will install these and post pictures as soon as its stops raining.

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