Friday, October 30, 2009

It may be Fall, but its Sprung!

The last couple of days have been long anticipated. The burner supports were fabricated by my friend Steve and I installed them. The burners are waiting now for Middle Tennessee Natural Gas to come set the meter and pipe them. The engineer called to size the meter, so I know I am in the queue.

After all the worrying, fussing and general just plain thinking about it, it took less than two hours to set the support form, add the bricks and then remove the support.

So here is the arch in-place.

If I am not careful, I might actually have a kiln soon and get back to making pots instead of kilns.


  1. Thanks - I just finished the hard brick ends. Rain is coming with a front like a freight train so it will be a day or two until I can get back at it.