Friday, November 06, 2009

I've got gas!

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas came, set the meter and hooked the piping. I decided to have them do the plumbing. They have the tools, the materials, etc. and it seemed to make them more comfortable. As the kiln operates at a pressure way above normal house pressure, they raised an eye brow or two when I started talking to them about the kiln. They did a good job and I have to admit I would have taken far, far longer to do it. I have even lit the burners - sweet.

Here are a few shots of the arch construction. I changed the design a bit. I had enough "extra" IFB to add a layer. So the make up is, hard brick arch, two layers of kaowool, a layer of IFB, another layer of kaowool, chicken wire and finally a covering of Insulating castable. Hopefully that will keep the heat in.

I cut the hole through the roof yesterday and flashed it. Today, it is time to stack chimney brick.