Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kiln done, commisioning underway!

I lit the remora burners (pilots) this morning and the kiln is drying out. I am holding it at about 225 degrees for a few hours. Then I am going to ease it up to red heat to get a feel for it. Then, I really need to start making pots.

One of the last tasks was to put a "wash" on the hard brick to help them withstand the effects of the soda/salt. The product I am using was recommended by Larkin Refractory Solutions. It is a high alumina refractory plastic (Econoram 90 TR by Pryor Giggey Co.)

I also added the IFB floor to the firebox and floor flue. The IFB was dipped in the Econoram wash before placing. Hopefully, these will help protect the hard brick in these high heat, corrosive areas. I had a couple of Super Duty hard bricks to use as target bricks.

I cut 9" sections of a kiln shelf to use as the interior flue roof. When I am using soda/salt I will use coils of wadding to keep these from glazing to the floor.

This is how the shelves layout. As you can see the hot gases are forced to the center under the set to leave the kiln. Hopefully, this will give uniformity in heat top to bottom, front to back.

When I start up this morning, I used a weed burner through the passive damper hole to heat the chimney and start the draw. I don't think this is going to be necessary except in really cold weather and maybe not even then.

Well , the first step in making pots is cleaning up the studio. It has really gotten trashed the last couple of weeks.

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