Thursday, August 12, 2010


Okay, this is the post where I say I haven’t been posting for a while, give a bunch of lame excuses and promise to do better. So…haven’t posted…poo-poo occurs and I will more than likely be as random in my postings as before. There now that is done.

I have fired the kiln twice and I am still figuring it out. Once was a glaze firing and once was a bisque firing. Both went OK, but being an engineer I am always going to “improve” things. Thus far I have reduced the height of the bag wall and moved the set up by using a half brick under the first shelves instead of a quarter. I have also discovered that I can overpower the kiln with the burners at pressures above about 4 psi. You can’t open the damper far enough to keep it out of reduction at above 5 psi. The burners are just pushing too much gas in. So I am going to try a different firing schedule this next time. Here are some pictures from the glaze firing.

So we are caught up. I will be firing the kiln again soon and will post some on how it goes. No, really. I mean it, I will. OK, I will try hard to…

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