Friday, August 13, 2010

Life on the Ridge

To do some more catch up, here is some of what I have been doing. The house renovation is coming along and I should be done in, oh, say maybe another 20 years! It does seem to go slow, but I am making progress. With the exception of a few retouches of paint, the downstairs bathroom is complete. It entailed building a removable wall to cover the mechanical equipment, installing a new shower, tiling the floor, installing a suspended ceiling and designing and building a custom vanity and medicine cabinet. Here is a picture of the vanity and cabinet.

Underway also is the redo of one of the guest bedroom. This required opening up the drywall, sealing the cinder-block foundation wall and then reinstalling the drywall. Have I mentioned that I hate drywall? I am also putting a sliding door on the closet, putting in new flooring and installing a suspended ceiling. Below is a picture of the ceiling in progress. On this one, I have a deadline. We have guests coming next month!

Here is a picture of the ceiling sitting on the floor which is resting on the dresser. Seems like there should be a country western song in there somewhere.

In the studio, glazing is the focus. The ware on the cart is about half done. I should be able to knock it out pretty quick...if I could just decide what I want to do.

The stuff in the bucket is wood ash. It is ready to process into a glaze. It always amazes me that burnt wood can make a glaze.

And what glaze(s) should go on these?

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  1. deciding what colors to use is always the hardest part for me.