Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Goal

Here are a couple of views from my Rhinoceros 3D model of the kiln. This is what I am trying to take from virtual space into studio space. This is revision B as it originally was about 30% larger, but John Britt convinced me that a smaller kiln and cycling more was a better learning tool. And that is where I am definitely at - just beginning to learn. It has about 22 cf of stacking space which I can fill in a couple days of throwing so turn around time on firings, considering a bisque fire, glazing, firing and clean up could be as short as two weeks.

As you can see it is a downdraft with a below the floor flue exit. I like to make tall pots so I made the kiln taller than usually would be recommended for its width. I am hoping with the floor flue I can get a uniform temperature top to bottom. I know I am going to have to empirically play with the bag wall once the kiln is done. That is unless someone wants to donate a huge amount of money so I can do a thermodynamic finite element analysis of the forced convection system. There are going to be two Ransome B4 venturi burners on the chimney side.

Yesterday I completed layer 7, today - I am taking the day off.


  1. Cool. I was following right along until you started speaking 'engineer'.

  2. Reference the text at the bottom of the page - once an engineer always an engineer. I still have my pocket protector and slide rule.