Friday, August 28, 2009

Porch Thoughts

My eyes scanned the green wall of trees this morning as I sat drinking my coffee this morning. I was looking for hints of the coming fall. They were there; very subtle, but they were there. A few leafs gone to orange, yellow and brown with a worn, tired look to the rest. We had a cold front slide through a few days ago and it signaled to the hummingbirds that it was time to take their long journey south again. A few still hang on, like the last guests at a party unwilling to call it a night. I love the celebration of fall with its bright colors and invigorating weather. The time of year makes mindful the cycles of life that the seasons unfold. The birth of spring, youth of summer, the full bodied maturity of fall and the quiet passing of winter. My mind scans myself, fully seeing the autumn within.

1 comment:

  1. Even here while it is still hot, though no longer blazing hot, I can see it coming. Shorter days and as you say, everything looks tired. The hummingbirds that have left you are showing up here.